Monday, 28 October 2013

Sortilege - Canadian Maple Whisky Liqueur

Bienvenue and welcome to another evening of music and whisky. Today's post features Sortilege, a Canadian whisky liqueur flavoured with maple syrup. For musical accompaniment I felt a sweet Canadian performance by Phish was in order.

I don't know much about Sortilege. Most people I have spoken with said that it is delicious and have recommended it highly. I would say that you couldn't get any more Canadian. The whisky is already Canadian and then Maple Syrup is added. All I need now is some slices of bacon to pour it on. Actually that sounds really good. I will keep that in mind.

Since Sortilege is a product of Montreal I felt the show should also be from there. So I chose the July 7, 1994 show from the Theatre St. Denis. 1994 is one of the finest years in Phish archives (in my opinion). The band is still experimenting loads and taking lots of chances. Through the high risk musical acrobatics many unique and impressive moments occur. The band really is having fun and this translates into the audio. A fantastic show that really makes me wish that I had heard of these guys before 1998.

So lets get to the Whisky.

Nose: Imagine that, maple syrup. Not some cheap processed crap but the real deal. I also smell the tell tale spiciness of rye. It's nice to be able to smell the whisky and not just be overwhelmed by the sweetness.

Palate; Wow. Pure maple syrup. Again the good stuff. I am then treated to the pleasant warmth of the whisky. This is really hard to hang on to and fades quickly. I was pleased to note that the mouth feel was thinner than expected. I for some reason pictured this being very heavy.

On a second sip I am reminded of sacramental wine.

Finish: The warmth fades out and you are left with the syrup.

I would say that I enjoy this product but I find it a bit one noted. I also for some reason thought that it would be whisky with a touch of syrup. Instead I got syrup with a touch of whisky. I will certainly be using this stuff for gastronomical explorations such as on ice cream or as previously discussed on my bacon (Yay whisky for breakfast). It could even be an after diner sipper in place of dessert.

As for the show... c'est manifique.

Merci beaucoup et bon soir tout le monde.   


THE BELL said...

I keep my bottle in the freezer, it thickens it and gives that first sip a real edge. I've been told to mix it in pancake batter... yum.

Whisky Phile said...

Thanks I will try that. To both. :)