Monday, 4 November 2013

Glenfiddich - Cask of Dreams - Canadian Edition

Good evening. Tonight is the night to try out the limited edition Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams - Canadian Edition. Glenfiddich took 20 virgin American Oak casks and "rolled" them across Canada. While doing this tour they had people sign the casks and write their hopes and dreams. Whisky that was at least 14 years old was then aged in the signed barrels for three months. Going to the website I was able to read many of the inscriptions on the barrels. Unsurprisingly many people put some variation of "I want to win the lottery."

For Music tonight I'm listening to Zubot and Dawson - Tractor Parts. This Canadian group plays a unique blend of bluegrass, funk and jazz. The album would make a great soundtrack.

Now on to the whisky...

Nose: Initially perfume, then a sweetness develops into vanilla with just a hint of spice to complement.

Palate: The spice kicks in hard at the front releasing to allow the honey and vanilla to shine through. I also get a little mint and the faintest notes of leather.

Finish: Short. The spice tingles. As it settles down a woodiness can be detected.

I enjoyed the nose. I found the spice on the palate to be a bit much. Once it settled down the experience became quite pleasant. The finish was a bit short and one dimensional for me. Still this is an interesting whisky with a cool story.

Have a wonderful night and may all of your dreams come true.

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