Monday, 21 October 2013

GlenDronach 18 Year Old "Allardice"

Hello and welcome to another "after the fact" tasting. I figured in the spirit of things from the past I would make this a nostalgic (for me) post. I am sipping on Chivas Regal 12 year old and listening to The Colour of Soul.

I have been a fan of the Chivas Regal for a long time. It never fails to remind me of my younger years. That's all I will say about it for now. The Chivas will resurface for its own posting.

The colour of Soul is a Toronto based funk band. The album is 100% Concentrate. This album is incredibly funky. It captures the live feel and makes you want to dance. I haven't listened to this album in years. Truth be told I don't know much about this band. I came upon them by accident while wondering around Toronto looking for some entertainment back in '02 or '03. I walked into what I think is the Rex Club, but I don't recall for sure.. It was at or around Bathurst and Queen if that helps. I walked in and was I ever happy I did. I could not, would not stop dancing. I'm not even sure if this band is still together. I really hope they are. The world really needs more music likes this. Happy, funky, fun entertainment and oh so tight. These guys can really play.

The GlenDronach 18 "Allardice" was the October 2013 presentation for the WFMS. I was very excited going into this tasting. This is a heavily sherried malt and I had heard great things about it. Also as I said in a previous post I have a soft spot for the darker liquids (just look at that colour). So without further ado...

Nose: The first thing that came to mind was wine almost at the vinegar point. After the initial sharpness the tart wine notes turned sweet. There was also a soft spiciness like a fresh warm cinnamon bun. In the back I detected just the slightest hint of leather.

Palate: The mouth feel was smooth, allowing for every beautiful flavour to be enjoyed. I found the initial tone to be of leather. This quickly gave way to maraschino cherries, which then became a raspberry jam. A chocolate element was also present.

Finish: A very smooth finish. The raspberry jam hung on while raisins also became noticeable.

I often find that things don't always stand up to the hype. I am happy to say that this whisky really delivered. I would be very happy to have a bottle of this in my collection. I would also add that The Colour of Soul are well worth a listen too. I have no doubt that they will also impress.

Thanks for reading. May you remember the good times and I hope all of your expectations will be met.   


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