Monday, 14 October 2013

Drambuie 15 Years Old


This past weekend I spoke with my long time friend Steve. Even though it has been a while since we last spoke we had a great talk. During this call I was told about this incredible new music app.: Phish On Demand. I credit Steve for introducing me to Phish and now for this. I am excited to say that a lot more whisky will be shared with the music of Phish. The show that was recommended to me for this post was: the F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.R F.A.C.E show from 2012.08.31. It is so called as each song played begins with the letters that spell out that phrase? or title. The band then finishes the show with the song "Fuck your face" which originally appeared on their "White Album". This show not only highlights the musical genius of the band but also the fun they exhibit at each show. No two live performances are ever the same, and so one can never be sure of what is going to happen. This show also gives a fine example of the way in which the band involves their audience. At one point the audience is heard chanting "We love Dicks" in response to Trey expressing the same (the venue was the Dick's Sporting Goods Park).

For this show I am going to taste the Drambuie 15 Year Old. This is also based on a suggestion by Steve. Actually, what was recommended was Sortilege, a Canadian whisky liqueur flavoured with maple syrup. I was unfortunately unable to acquire a bottle of the Sortilege. My local store ran out and wont have anymore for at least a few weeks. Not wanting to delay this post I substituted the Scottish top shelf equivalent. I am three songs into this show (greatest Carini I have had the pleasure of hearing) and am so glad I didn't hold off... So let's get to the tasting.

Nose: Right away the senses are hit with notes of herbs (tarragon and maybe some mint), spice (cinnamon and a hint of cloves) and honey. I am then treated to pear.

Palate: honey on the front followed by a lovely pepperiness. These notes pass and the whiskies can be detected. There is also a liquorice tone that adds to this mix.

Finish: The finish is long and smooth. The herbs seem to hang on with the honey guiding them all the way.

It has been a while since I have enjoyed the original Drambuie, yet I believe that I can with a fair degree of certainty say that this was far more enjoyable. This liqueur is very thick and sweet like the original yet it is also very clear that it is a whisky liqueur. By this I mean that the whisky can actually be tasted and enjoyed. Drambuie is a must have for every whisky enthusiasts cabinet... you never know when you'll feel like a rusty nail or something a little different. The 15 year old is probably the better choice for enjoying on its own.

Well thank you Steve for the music. I will pick up a bottle of Sortilege when I can, and look forward to that tasting as well.    

 Thank you and good night.      

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