Sunday, 17 August 2014

Loch Lomond Single Malt

It is sometimes difficult to choose what music to pair with a particular whisky, or vice-versa. For me it has been based a lot on personal preference, in other words the music that is in my collection. Sometimes a random coincidence that I am able to find that ties the two together such as a historical event will also help. The difficulty comes when I am unfamiliar with the whisky before me. This issue has come up several times over the course of the "Advent Calender Sessions" and may come up again ( I have four samples left). Todays' tasting is one of those days where I know nothing of the whisky or its distillery; however, I am in the mood for a particular album. So rather than try to find some random way to match music with  this whisky I'm going to embark on a new approach, I'm going to listen to what I want while I drink the whisky before me.

What I do know (according to Wikipedia) of the Loch Lomond distillery is that it is in the Highland region and that the whisky is portrayed in Tintin comic books. I also read (in the Herald Scotland) that it was sold in early march for millions. Based on this information I think it is safe to say the mystery remains.

For musical accompaniment I am listening to "Them Crooked Vultures". This is what is often referred to as a "Super Group". This is because the members of the band are from other huge bands. The band consists of: John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Dave Grohl ( Nirvana & The Foo Fighters) and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age). These legends of rock came together in 2009. I have had their self titled album for several years but have never really found the time to listen to it in it's entirety. I am half way through the album now and I can say that it is fantastic. The music seems to be a blend of alternative rock and blues with some psychedelic tones. The influence of all the members can be heard and appreciated.

So with all of that said it is time to see how this unknown (by me) dram holds up to this music.

Nose: light, smooth a bit creamy with buttery notes and a something like wet wood in a forest.

Palate: Butter and spices come to mind. On the tail end there is something minty.

Finish: long and woody. The wood in this case is more like carpentry wood rather than the damp forest floor wood that I found on the nose. I also find a bit of fresh grass and some black pepper to be present.

Over all a not bad dram. It is nothing fantastic and I wouldn't go out of my way to find a bottle, but nor would I go out of my way to avoid it. I would actually say that there is something unique and interesting about this whisky. If you have the chance give it a try. At its' reported price, you have nothing to lose. As for the musical pairing I think it works The mouth feel really seems to blend well with the music, particularly during track 10.      

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