Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Arran 10 Year Old Single Malt

If I had been asked a year ago about The Arran distillery and its whiskies I would have replied that I knew little about them. Over the last year I have been hearing more and more about this distillery. From the long list of unique expressions they offer it would seem that working at this distillery would be a load of fun as they are willing to experiment with a variety of different cask finishes. I am still relatively unfamiliar with this distillery but am becoming better acquainted with them. Arran seems to be every where.

Tonight I will be tasting their basic single malt. It is a 10 year old expression, and it seems to have received from fairly positive reviews. As a musical accompaniment I will be going with the almighty rock gods Led Zeppelin and their release The Song Remains The Same.

The Song Remains the same is a Led Zeppelin movie that follows the band on their tour. The soundtrack features some really long jammed out versions of their most loved music. For any fan of Zeppelin it is a must have in your collection.

Nose: Sweet creamy and fruity. Banana, honeyed vanilla and melon comes to mind. Really nice.

Palate: Green apple and lemon come to mind right away and they are at odds with one another. There is also a bitter edge which further unbalances the dram.

Finish: That bitter taste hangs on for a long time while lemon pipes in every little bit. I guess it could be called bitter lemon?

There are some nice notes to this whisky in there somewhere but that bitter note ruins it. Its too bad because on the nose it was quite pleasant. It is also too bad because I was hoping this whisky would be a great accompaniment to this album. I am going pull this album out again for sure. It deserves a good dram.  

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