Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Two Brewers - Yukon Single Malt Whisky - Release #2 - Special Finishes

This March has quite possible been the busiest month of my life. Not that it has necessarily all been bad, just busy... And that's okay. Two things that came up this month that I will talk about are: Yukon Spirits release #2 and my trip to Disneyland.

Yukon Spirits put out it's second release on March 5th. The line up was not as big but for the die hard fans that were there the excitement seemed just as big. This release is their first "Special Finishes" expression. The whiskies were selected from bourbon and virgin oak barrels and then "married" in PX (Pedro Ximenez) Sherry casks. My understanding is that the peated release will be released some time this summer, and I am very excited for that.

For my sons 4th birthday we went to Disneyland. One of the major attractions or themes at this time is Star Wars. We even had my son enrolled in Jedi training. I was so proud of my young Padawan that I swear I got teary eyed. Especially when he got up and took down the Seventh Sister,

In celebration of these two March events I decided to pair this new release with the ageless music of Star Wars.

N: An initial sharpness quickly gives way to a sweet buttery creaminess. There are also notes of prunes, mince meat and honey. Beautiful.

P: At first I got a good wave of wood which was surmounted by the sweetness of stone fruit. There is also a fairly substantial spicy peppery attack.
F: The generous finish is led by the spice note this then almost gives way to lingering notes of  a slightly bitter wood.

Right off the bat I'll say that I prefer the first release.There is just something about the finish that doesn't quite work for me. That being said I found the nose on this whisky to be a thing of beauty and for seven years of age it is more complex and intense than many whiskies over twelve years old. I found that the music worked well here as it was able to sit in the background and every now and then would fill me with the nostalgia.      

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