Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old

With Christmas coming up I figure I will present a whisky that was gifted to me. A friend and colleague of mine presented me with a small bottle of Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old last summer. This kind gift was something to keep me company while on a road trip. Very kind indeed and many thanks.

Seeing that this is a Canadian whisky I thought that it would be a great opportunity to also test out my Glencairn - Canadian whisky edition - glass.The Gibson's distillery is located in Windsor, Ontario and so I also couldn't resist pairing this whisky with the music of the psychedelic rock band The Tea Party.

I remember really enjoying the music of The Tea Party in my younger years. "Splendor Solis" was the album I recall the most. The mixture of rock with middle eastern influences was quite captivating for me. What is also exciting is that while I was looking into the band I found out that they recorded their ninth album at a studio (Metalworks Studios) about two blocks from where I lived for a few years in Mississauga, Ontario.

Well lets see if two Windsors can make a match...

Nose: Very light I get notes of peaches, oak, vanilla, pepper and oddly olives.

Palate: Initial notes are sweet and then a spiciness takes over. The spices that come to mind are black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla. Their is also a fair amount of wood.

finish: The wood and spice linger on for a long time leaving behind the fading tingle of the spices.

This whisky is decent enough. It`s not very complex but makes up for this in its approachable nature. The music hits the spot. It brought in a bit of complexity while the eclectic tones worked well with the spices on the palate.        


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