Thursday, 17 July 2014

Deanston 19 Year Old Single Cask - Master of Malt

Todays dram features an exclusive Master of Malt (MoM) offering from the Deanston distillery. According to MoM there were only 260 bottles from the cask. In my mind that makes this a fairly rare and very exciting whisky.

As an accompaniment I have opted to listen to the haunting sounds of Johnny Cashs' American IV. This is Mr Cashs' 87th and final album, and it is a masterpiece. I say this even though the bulk of the songs are covers. The emotion in his deep voice runs shivers down my spine, particularly during the opening two songs: "When The Man Comes Around" and Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt".

As I am eager to introduce this dram to my senses I am going to get right to it.

Nose: There is a freshness to this whisky. The notes that come to mind are grapes and milk chocolate which then hints at brandied cherries and fades to a minty tone. very pleasant.

Palate: This one surprised me with the heat. It was so sweet and tender on the nose that I forgot the 53.4% alcohol. I will try again... now I get cayenne, creamy milk chocolate and some salt. There is also a brief note of a berry sweetness.

Finish: I get crème caramel with leather and a baked dessert that reminds me of bread pudding.

This dram was a pleasure. It is strong and complex. These characteristics work well with the strength of Johnny Cash. The complexity of the whisky compliments the depth of emotion and narrative that Cash expresses so well        

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