Monday, 19 May 2014

Dalmore 15 Year Old

Todays' tasting falls on Victoria Day. This holiday is synonymous with cottages and summer fun for us Canadians. The tradition started in the nineteenth century to celebrate Queen Victorias' birthday. I have many fond memories of this long weekend. When I lived in Ontario as a young man it was called May 2-4(two four). This was due to the date generally falling over that weekend and most importantly because a case of beer in Ontario is called a 2-4. Interestingly when I think of this holiday I remember fireworks, cottages, fishing and beer; yet, when I think about Queen Victoria I can't help but think of creepy hospital equipment and baby strollers from that era. The stuff of nightmares I tell you... Right up there with clowns.

To toast the birthday of our long departed sovereign I shall be raising a dram of the Dalmore 15 year old. This 15 year old expression from the popular Speysider seems as though it needs no introduction even though I have never had a Dalmore.

As musical accompaniment I have opted for the Bands Greatest hits. One of the greatest bands of all time not just in Canada but in the world, they were a big cottage country favourite for me and my friends. Just listening brings waves of memories to mind. Memories of young love, young wonder and of course stupidity. Ahh memories.  

Without further ado let the fireworks begin. Of note is the beautiful colour.

Nose: Dates and toffee with a hint of ginger. Then a wave of juicy orange.

Palate: Coffee and chocolate orange there is also a hint of fortified wine like port. Highly drinkable.

Finish: Long and smooth. there is a slight ginger tingle and some tropical fruit, perhaps mango, papaya or guava. There is a slight bitterness at the end but it is not enough to detract from the overall enjoyability of the dram.

A nice easy going whisky. It is not overly complex yet it is pleasant. I may have to give Dalmore another look.


B Dunn said...

Sounds lovely, Mark! Will have to give this a whirl :)

Whisky Phile said...

Definitely worth a try. Hope you are well and thanks for reading.