Monday, 3 March 2014

The Tyrconnell

     The first day of March never fails to lift my spirits. It is not only the month of my birthday it is also the  month of many other festivities. Many of these celebrations are related to the passing of the winter and the ushering in of the spring and summer seasons. Then of course we have St. Patricks Day, a day to celebrate all things Irish. In keeping with this theme I will present an Irish whisky for each week of March. I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

     I was at a loss for a musical selection today. I pondered playing U2 but wasn't up to it for this weeks tasting. I found out that Van Morrison is Irish and so considered that as well. Again I wasn't able to work that out in my mind. I then tried to picture Ireland and realised that when I think of Ireland castles and Celts come to mind far more than U2 and other modern successes. I opted for music that lent itself to medieval imagery and chose a British band over an Irish one. The band is Pentangle and the album is Basket of Light. This album released in 1969 is the bands greatest commercial success. It is rife with medieval tales of kings and queens, huntsmen and knights. Also it doesn't hurt that track 3 is called "Springtime Promises".  

     To accompany this poetic folk rock masterpiece I opted for the Tyrconnell. It is a single malt whisky named after a horse. Apparently the horse won a race back in 1876 even with the odds stacked heavily against it (100 to 1). An image of the horse has graced the label since.

Nose: Light, sweet honey and citrus with a slight floral nod.

Palate: berries and buttery creaminess with a touch of spice at the end.

Finish: very smooth and soft. Notes of pepper, butter and honey.

     This is quite possibly the softest whisky I have ever tried. It is very approachable and easy drinking. It is so soft sweet and creamy in fact that I wondered when listening to the song "The Cuckoo" if this whisky was comparable to the nectar that the bird sucks from the white flowers to keep her voice clear.

With that question in mind I will say good night.

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