Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ballantine's 17 Year Old

Since this is a blended whisky I decided that some fusion music would be fitting. So Miles Davis Bitches Brew it is. A fantastic album that uses many styles and "blends" them into a whirlwind of sounds and rhythms.

I think that it is important for me to clarify here that I am not saying that my musical recommendations are specifically chosen to accentuate the whisky in any way. The whisky will always have to speak for itself. I just really enjoy music and like to include it in almost every thing I do.

Nose: Delicious. I could smell this for hours. Initially I got molasses and then creamy chocolate with vanilla. On second try I got honey sweetness with some mouth watering fruit.

Taste: Smooth creamy chocolate with honey and wood. There is also a slight smokiness.

Finish: The finish is very long. The tongue tingles with a spiciness for some time. I mostly get oak, but the smoke remains in the background. I also detected a slight licorice tang.

Overall this is a good whisky. I think the nose is perhaps one of the most beautiful I've encountered, and the taste is nothing to complain about either. I did find the spicy tingle on the tongue during the finish to be just a bit much. Other wise thoroughly enjoyable.    

 Happy Labour day, and may all of your labour dreams come true.

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