Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Whisky

Sometimes even things we enjoy doing can feel like a chore. At that point you can force yourself to keep doing it or you can back off and see if the spark comes back. That seems to have been my situation. Blogging started to create internal pressure and I backed off. Recently though something new came out that I had been impatiently awaiting for over 7 years. Perhaps it will be but a spark or a full re-ignition. Only time will tell. All the same I am extremely excited for this tasting.

Yukon Brewing has been producing finely crafted beers since 1997 and in 2009 they added a still to their operations. They released several unique spirits but I don't think I am alone among Yukoner's who had their hearts set in eager anticipation for the day when a whisky would be released. Well the day finally came. On this past Saturday (February 13, 2016) the Yukon Brewing Company released their first batch of Single Malt Whisky.

The company made the release very special. I felt like I was a part of something big. I waited in line for almost an hour to get one of the 850 listed bottles and I am certain others waited even longer. I then returned later to the celebration event. At the event bag pipes played, there was cake and of course there were samples. These came from a cask that they tapped into in front of everyone. Even our Premier got up to issue a congratulations and to pull the ticket for a draw. The prize was bottle number 500, which I didn't win.  

Now this being a Yukon whisky it only makes sense that I would pair it with Yukon music. So I have opted to listen to The Undertaking Daddies' - Post Atomic Hillbilly. It is one of my all time favourite bluegrass albums and I think a must have for any fan of the genre. The story telling is captivating with tight and virtuous instrumentation.

I feel like I should be saying so much more but really eager to get this tasting on:

Nose: Tart juicy citrus at first. I then imagine a cantaloupe served with vanilla bean ice cream and clover honey.  

Palate: The mouth feel  is creamy. My impression is creamed clover honey spread over dark well done toast.  I detect a sherry influence and the faintest note of mint on the fade.

Finish: A long finish that hints at mint and citrus zest.

I am really impressed by this release and can't wait for further releases. The music of course paired well. Country and bluegrass tends to lend itself really well to the tastes of whisky and I think this one was particularly well matched because of their shared geography. If only I always had an option to find music that was from the same town as the beverage.  

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